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In Salon Hair & Scalp Treatments

Oribe Signature Moisture Masque 25+

Oribe Masque For Beautiful Color 25+

Energizing Treatment
 For Seasonal, Stress, Hormonal
& Medically Related Hair Loss
For scalp and fragile thinning hair, strong anti-oxidant action,
protects from external aggressions

Nourishing Treatment For Extremely Dry, Damaged Hair & Scalp
For dehydrated scalp and dry, brittle hair, strong conditioning anti-oxidant and protective action, restructuring effect for damaged hair

Purifying Treatment For All Types Of Dandruff
For scalp with dry or oily dandruff – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory action

Rebalancing Treatment For Oily Scalp
For scalp with hyper-sebaceous production – Strong anti-oxidant action,
normalizes the sebum production

Detoxifying Treatment 
For Hair Stressed By Environmental Factors
For scalp lacking tone and hair stressed by environmental factors such as pollution. Detoxifying, regenerating and revitalizing

Calming Treatment For Sensitive Scalp
For sensitive scalp, strong anti-oxidant action. Anti-inflammatory action,
soothing and anti-itching action

Well-Being Treatment Massage For Everybody
Hydrating and protective for all hair types – Strong anti-oxidant action,
protects from external aggressions



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