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Level Three Stylist

Alana is a Level Three stylist and has been in the industry since 2008. When she’s not posing in front of the camera for Bei Capelli, you can find her busy in the salon doing what she loves. She’s careful to listen attentively to her clients needs and always pays close attention to detail in her work.

Alana is Bei Capelli’s only stylist that is certified in both Great Lengths and Hairdreams extensions. She’s also certified in the Brazilian Blowout technique and performs them often here at Bei Capelli. She loves working with color and especially enjoys using highlights to achieve the perfect shade of blonde!

As a Youngblood certified makeup artist, Alana works closely with Bei Capelli’s Bridal Team. When it comes to hair and makeup for editorial photo shoots, Alana is always in demand because of her intricate updo’s and flawless finish work. She’s a stylist that truly enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, and her refined fashion sense certainly reflects in her work.



Level Three Stylist

Angela is a Level Three stylist that has been part of Bei Capelli since graduating Empire Beauty School in 2009. Although she’s well rounded in her education, she loves to focus on her specialties and is known for her ability to complete amazing transformations!

Angela has traveled around the country for continual education in order to stay on top of the latest trends. She has received certifications in Brazilian Blowout keratin treatments, and is an expert in both Hairdreams & Great Lengths extensions. Most recently she’s traveled to complete a training course with Framesi in Italian style cutting.

As a result of her ability to transform the ordinary, Angela has mastered the art of blondes. She uses cutting edge coloring techniques with foil highlights and lowlights to perform even the most challenging color corrections. If you’re looking to change your look and need some inspiration, Angela can give you just what you’re looking for.

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Level Four Stylist

Khloe is a Level Four stylist & the Creative Educator at Bei Capelli, and she’s been practicing her profession since graduating from Spa Tech Institute in 2007. She’s a master of cutting the perfect bob and loves incorporating bold colors into her work either through dimensionals or the Ombré technique.

Education is always at the forefront of Khloe’s passion for the industry. As a Regional Davines Color Educator, she travels across New England to share her talents with other salons and aspiring stylists. She also travels the world to further her own education. She’s studied advanced cutting in Chicago at Vidal Sassoon Academy in 2011, and again in Santa Monica the following year. She also attended the Allilon Hair Academy in London, visited Paris with Davines, and was also awarded a spot on the Davines Aristic Team after auditioning last spring!

Khloe’s love for the fashion industry makes it easy for her to stay ahead of the trends. She’s traveled to Miami to attend the Davines World Wide Hair tour, and to New York City & South Florida to attend and assist during Intercoiffure each year. Whether you’re looking for a fresh update to your look or a total transformation, Khloe can help you achieve those results!

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Level Five Stylist

Adeline is a Level Five stylist that has been with Bei Capelli since graduating from Cosmotech in early 2012. Now as a professional in the business she loves, her lifelong passion for hair and makeup is made clear everyday with her talented finish-work.

As both a stylist and a certified Youngblood makeup artist & educator, Addy loves using her knowledge of products and cosmetics to perfect a look. She’s attended Intercoiffure Fall Atelier and Intercoiffure Nouveau, and has taken her talent both backstage and behind the camera on many occasions. Addy is also certified in the Brazilian Blowout treatment as well as Hairdreams hair extensions.

Adeline continually expands her knowledge of the fashion industry by attending education events in the salon and at academies around the country. She’s taken courses for advanced cutting and coloring at Framesi Academy and most recently completed a weeklong course at Vidal Sassoon in Chicago.

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Level Two Stylist
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Level Three Stylist
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Level Two Stylist

Emily is a Level Two stylist at Bei Capelli who earned her license from Spa Tech Institute in 2006.

Throughout her career she has been certified in many color lines, including Davines, the exclusive color line of Bei Capelli. Although Emily loves using foils to create color dimension, her favorite practice is always with the finish work. Even after she has perfected the blow dry, Emily uses her extensive product knowledge to complete a pristine look.

Emily has traveled to the World Wide Hair Tour in Miami, and has most recently attended an Italian style cutting class with Framesi. She is also Brazilian Blowout certified and enjoys incorporating this treatment to give clients the transformation they’re looking for!

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Level Three Stylist
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Level Three Stylist

Erin is a Level Three stylist and has been a member of Bei Capelli since graduating from Head Hunters in 2005. By focusing on each consultation she is known to pay close attention to detail. She’s a great listener and makes sure that each client gets exactly what he or she is looking for.

Erin works to continue her education by attending several different advanced cutting and coloring classes including the Goldwell Academy in Baltimore, and KMS Academy in California. Erin has also participated in Oribe styling courses to further her techniques in finish work.

As a well-rounded stylist, Erin is great with cuts, highlights, extensions, and Brazilian treatments. She’s also known to give a scalp massage that returning clients look forward to. The versatility of service she provides allows her to service her guest with the highest level of customer service and excellence.

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Level Three Stylist

Kaitlyn is a Level Three stylist that has been in the industry since graduating from Cosmotech in 2010 with her license in cosmetology.

As a stylist Kaitlyn enjoys the creative freedom her job provides, and she especially likes working with foils to create dimensional color with highlights and lowlights. She pays close attention to detail in her cutting technique and has grown to be especially skilled in men’s cuts.

Kaitlyn is a well-rounded stylist that is always looking to try something new when it comes to gaining experience in the industry she loves. She’s traveled to Miami for the World Wide Hair Tour with Davines, and most recently returned to the city to attend the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

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Level Three Stylist

Kelsey is a Level Three stylist at Bei Capelli who has been practicing the art of hair since she first apprenticed at the age of 19. She went on to earn her license from Cosmotech in 2010 and has been pursuing her passion ever since.

Kelsey also works to further her skills by continuing her education. She completed her certification to educate in Davines color, and traveled to Miami for the World Wide Hair Tour in 2012. She also attended the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Rhode Island for advanced cutting. Most recently, Kelsey has traveled to complete courses in bridal makeup application with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, and Italian style cutting with Framesi.

As a person with an eye for edgy fashion, Kelsey is not afraid to make bold moves as a stylist. She especially enjoys dramatic makeovers that call for complete transformations. Kelsey is both Brazilian Blowout and Hairdreams certified and she uses such techniques to give her clients the change they’re after!

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Level Four Stylist

Elizabeth is a Level Four stylist that has been in the industry since graduating from North Carolina’s Aveda Institute in 2009.

As a stylist that enjoys creating amazing transformations, Elizabeth can revive and strengthen your hair with a Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment or even create length, fullness, and body with Hairdreams hair extensions. Elizabeth is especially talented in working with fine or thinning hair and is certified in Hairdreams Volume Plus, a system within Hairdreams used especially for hair thickening.

Elizabeth is also passionate about continuing her education to stay up to date on the latest trends. She’s traveled to New York City for Intercoiffure, and most recently attended Fuga Academy in Chicago. Elizabeth is also one of the few stylists trained in the art of Threading, an ancient method of hair removal originating in the Eastern world.

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Level Three Stylist


Level One Stylist


Level One Stylist
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Level One Stylist


Level Three Stylist
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Junior Stylist




Level One Stylist


Level One Stylist


Level One Stylist


Level One Stylist


Level One Stylist


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Level Two Stylist
Deirdre Burner


Level Two Stylist

Deirdre is a Level Two stylist that has been part of the industry since graduating from Cosmotech in 2011. She began as an assistant in the education program at Bei Capelli and has evolved into a talented stylist with a creative edge.

Perhaps her favorite part about the job is the artistic freedom each new client can bring. Deirdre specializes in the Ombre technique, and has certifications in both Hair Dreams extensions and the Brazilian Blowout treatment. She is also a certified Youngblood makeup artist and incorporates each specialty into her work.

In addition to completing a Bridal & Runway course with Youngblood cosmetics, Deirdre travels to further her education as often as possible. Most recently she has attended classes with the Davines Artistic Director in NYC and completed an Italian style course with Framesi.



Level One Stylist
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Level Four Stylist


Nail Technician
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 Nail Technician


Level Two Stylist

Jaelynn is a Level Two stylist that has been part of the Bei Capelli team since earning her cosmetology license from Spa Tech in 2012.

As a stylist Jaelynn especially loves using foils to create a new stunning color transformation. Whether she’s doing a perm, a Brazilian Blowout treatment, or adding Hairdreams hair extensions to her clients look, Jaelynn enjoys the creativity that her profession provides.

As a certified Youngblood makeup artist, Jaelynn pays close attention to detail when it comes to the final look. In this business everyday is different and she enjoys meeting new people and helping them to leave the salon feeling truly confident.

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Level Three Stylist

Jessica is a Level Three stylist and has been with Bei Capelli since graduating Spa Tech Institute in 2006. She listens carefully to each client’s needs and her dedication to personalized attention shows in each final look.

She specializes in short and texturized cuts, and has a special talent for creating beautiful, multidimensional highlights. As a professional stylist Jessica uses hair as her canvas, bringing a distinctive aesthetic and fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty.

Jessica is always looking for ways to further her education in the fashion industry. In the past year she has traveled to Miami for the World Wide Hair Tour and attended Intercoiffure in New York City. She is a true artist and shows her enthusiasm for the business with each finished look.



Senior Stylist & Creative Director
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Level Three Stylist

Lakahna is a Level Three stylist that has been with Bei Capelli since she graduated from Cosmotech in 2010.

Lakahna is a stylist that enjoys creating bold transformations and she’s not afraid to use color, whether it’s in hair or makeup. She is a licensed Youngblood makeup artist, with certifications in Hairdreams extensions and the Brazilian Blowout treatment as well. She is also one of the few stylists trained in the art of Threading, an ancient method of hair removal originating in the Eastern world.

Lakahna makes sure to stay up with the latest trends by continuing her education in the fashion industry. She has completed her training as a Davines Color Educator, and has had the opportunity to work backstage with Team Nouveau. She attended Intercoiffure in 2012, and has taken advanced courses at the Academies of Toni & Guy, Aquage, and Vidal Sassoon.

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Senior Stylist & Creative Director

Sarah is a Level Four stylist and one of Bei Capelli’s Creative Directors. A native of East Longmeadow, MA she graduated from Jolie Hair Academy in Ludlow, MA and has been practicing her skill for over a decade.

She has trained with some of the industry’s top professionals at KMS and Oribe for cutting and styling education, and studied advanced foiling in California with Goldwell. She attended Trend Zoom in Spain in 2007 and again in Las Vegas in 2009.

She specializes in short cuts and enjoys the creativity of finish work. As head of Bei Capelli’s Bridal Team, Sarah is also skilled in the art of makeup and is both Youngblood and TIGI certified. Most recently she attended the Allilon Hair Academy in London and is always excited to further her education in the fashion industry!

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