The New Lather Lounge!

We’ve made another change! When you visit our salon next you will be pleasantly surprised to see how we have transformed our lather lounge. The lather lounge is one of the most enjoyable and much anticipated parts of experiencing a service at Bei Capelli.

The response from clients has been overwhelming.  For those that haven’t yet had the pleasure: enjoy a quiet relaxing scalp massage & shampoo while being in a private room, soft lighting with the highest end products being used on your hair. We have always wanted to keep the room simple and void of clutter for that relaxing feel that makes you want to close your eyes instead of look around and take in the interesting decor (which we do very nicely throughout the rest of the salon).

Nancy and I often discussed that the room needed something but we just couldn’t quite put our finger on it. We knew it had to be a statement but at the same time have a relaxing feel that takes you away to another place while enjoying your head massage and the beautiful aromas. Well…we did it! The perfect look for a perfect room!

Thanks to the help of Nicola Manganello, from Nicolas Home located on Commercial Street in the Old Port, and Nancy Cartonio’s constant need for the right vibe, “it’s all about the vibe, the feeling you get when you walk into a room”.  Nicola knew immediately what we needed was the perfect wallpaper and she had the most amazing pattern. Nancy brought a sample back to the salon for my thoughts and honestly when she unrolled the two foot section I thought she was joking!! Then she said “Trust me, it’s going to be so cool.”  If my history with Nancy has taught me anything, it’s to trust that statement.  She has said it to me many times over the past 10 years, and I’m always amazed with the results.  So my response was a pretty quick “go for it”.

The room is gorgeous! It truely is bold and has a magical feel that makes you forget about the days tasks.  Relaxing and yet inspiring at the same time.